Propaganda posters remade with Anime Girls. There is stuff for everyone here, whether you are a troglodyte commie, educated 15$/h barista or gun larper


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Large Print Premium Posters, 100% Cotton shirts, all with our original remakes!

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Our designs will be the perfect awkward gift.

Have some kooky liberal Aunt? Get her an anti communist poster! Have some hurr durr shart stained couch uncle who never shuts up about the death of democracy? Get him our govern me harder daddy shirt!


    Thats right, we do not buy shirts and posters from China and dropship, we contract with artists to make the magic happen.

  • Free Shipping on most US orders!

    Thats right, free shipping. On everything except stickers.

  • American Owned

    Look, I'm just trying to pay for college, we live in a Capitalist society, so why not play the game? The whole shop is run by one guy, who loves catgirls, anime girls and the US.


Do you ship to Forts/APOs?

Yes! While we normally use DHL, for orders to an APO or Fort we use USPS. It will take an extra 15-30 days, but it will come! Just please make sure to put in the correct address to make sure you get your order!

Do you ship international?

Yes! But no free shipping.

How are sizes?

True to fit, get your regular size.

How long does it take to recieve my product?

So it varies on what you purchase. Almost everything I sell, as in Stickers, Hoodies and Shirts are made from different suppliers and shipped by them. My Products are made with Print on Demand, so upon an order being recieved it sends automatically to be produced.

You can expect order - arrival times to be around this, but it is not guaranteed. Message us if something takes longer than 20 days.

Shirts- About a Week

Hoodies- About 9 Days

Posters- About 9 Days

Car Mat- 16 Days

Stickers- About a week

It is not that the shipping is slow, my suppliers are based in the USA, its just that each product has to be individually made. That is why it is a little bit of time. Upon shipment you should get a tracking number, if you ordered different things you may get a couple, as your products may come in different products.